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The Festival

Teluk Jailolo Festival is an annual event held by the Tourism Department of West Halmahera for the purpose of promoting the potential for tourism, natural resources, culture, also business in the area of Jailolo, West Halmahera. For those of you who are interested in exploring deeper into the beauty of their natural habitat and culture, there will be a variety of fun events such as; parade, exhibition, spice expo, taking a walk through the spice garden for the spice trip event, fishing contest, swimming contest, rowing contest, fun diving where you can participate in replanting corrals, Sigofi Ngolo sea ritual, also a cultural party by the beach to feast on traditional cuisines with the locals.

About Halmahera

Upacara Ritual Adat | Culture Ceremony

Acara makan adat atau Horom Sasadu biasanya dilakukan saat setelah masa panen sebagai tanda rasa syukur karena panen berhasil. Dahulu acara makan ini dilakukan selama 7 hari 7 malam, biasanya antara bulan Mei atau Juni. Upacara adat Joko Raha/upacara cuci kaki menyambut kedatangan tamu besar, biasanya acara ini dilakukan pada saat acara kawinan, biasanya masyarakat suku Sahu dan Tabaru yang mengadakan acara ini. Upacara adat Doku, upacara yang digelar setiap tahun pada saat acara kawinan.

Desa adat terdekat yang bisa anda kunjungi adalah Desa Gamtala, Desa Lolori, Desa Gamomeng, Desa Taraudu dan Desa Worat-Worat. This cultural party known as Horom Sasadu is held to show the local’s gratitude after the successful harvest season. It used to be held for 7 nights and days on May or June. The Joko Raha ceremony is held to welcoming the guests. This ceremony usually organized by Sahu and Tabaru tribe on their wedding parties. Doku ceremony is an annual cultural ceremony that held in a wedding party. The closest cultural villages that you can visit are Gamtala Village, Lolori Village, Gamomeng Village, Taraudu Village dan Worat-Worat Village.

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